Are you due for your eye exam, but don’t know if your eye doctor is open again, or even if it’s safe to go to the eye doctor?

Our top priority is that you feel welcomed back in a safe, friendly way. Here’s everything you need to know about coming in. We can’t wait to see you again!

We Love Seeing You

“People first,” is what we always say, and we mean it. After all, we’re in eye care because we care about people.

We want you to feel safe, welcomed, and that you’re in a place you can trust for all your vision health needs: routine eye exams, new prescriptions, and even emergencies. Here’s what we’re doing to achieve just that.

#1 We’re welcoming you back to an extra clean, safe environment.

Here are the steps we’re taking:

First, you’ll notice that our entire staff will be sporting adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Second, the entire practice will sparkle more than ever. That’s because we’re:
  • Cleaning and disinfecting exam rooms after every patient.
  • Washing our hands for at least 20 seconds (that’s two “Happy Birthday” songs, in case you didn’t know) after every interaction with a patient.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting common areas and “high touch” objects (hello, doorknobs and keyboards) multiple times a day.

Want to try on frames? Have no fear: We’re washing and disinfecting frames for at least 60 seconds after every wearer, so you can still find the style that suits you.

#2 We’re welcoming you back with extra savings & convenience.

Here are a few ways you can save:

  • Check out our latest promotions.
  • Ask us about CareCredit, a payment option for eye exams, contact lenses and glasses.
  • View our complete list of insurance providers.

Here’s What You Can Do

Some procedures at our practices have changed a bit so everyone can feel safe and comfortable coming in.

#1 Call us to schedule an appointment.

We want to keep everyone safe and follow the recommended social distancing guidelines, so we’re minimizing the number of people in a practice at a given time. Have kids with you? No problem! Children and others who need assistance can be accompanied by their legal guardian.

#2 Don’t forget your face covering.

We love seeing the variety of patterns and colors our patients have chosen for their face coverings, plus wearing a mask makes your eyes pop! You’ll need yours to come in, but if you forget, no worries — we’ll have a limited supply on hand.

#3 Call us when you arrive.

When you arrive at our practice for your appointment, call us to let us know. We’ll open the door for you and welcome you in. This helps with social distancing, but we also like that it feels like an extra personal touch!

#4 Be ready for pre-screening.

You’re probably used to this already, but be prepared for us to ask you a few questions about COVID-19 before you come in for your appointment or for a pickup.


Call us to schedule your appointment today. Have more questions about what to expect when you arrive? We’re happy to answer! We can’t wait to welcome you back, and it will be so good to see you again!

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